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Belgian brewmaster Pierre Celis introduced his signature Witbier in 1992 as Texas’ first, locally produced craft beer. When his daughter Christine Celis re-launched the brewery in 2017, long-time loyalists rejoiced! But newer Austinites said, “Celis who?” This legendary beer needed an introduction to a younger demographic in a highly competitive marketplace full of new, local craft beers.

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We tapped the brand’s passion for supporting their fellow beer nerds and created a new, modern look that maintained the essence of the original design. By balancing heritage, quality and expertise, the rebranding initiative reclaimed the brewery rightful place as Austin’s original craft brewery.

Brand Truth:
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After the rebranding rolled out, on-premise sales significantly outpaced projections.

Retail sales were not expected to exceed on-premise sales until year two, but quickly eclipsed them in less than one year.  

“Quality and friendship never go out of style, which is why we trusted the re-branding of my family legacy to the Ampersand team.”

– Christine Celis, Founder & CEO, Celis Brewery

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